Welcome to Aimcraft                                                                                                       

Okay, so i got the Donateing system up and running! But i use another domain.

All info on donateing and the benefits on that page.

Thanks for your support! All donations go to server hosting and improvements!

AimCraft - Faction Minecraft server!

AimCraft is a Minecraft server useing factions.

It's running 24/7, and have minimum lagg!

Main Plugins:
 - Essentials
 - Factions
 - mcMMO
 - PermissionsBukkit

With more to come! (We will consider any request, made by a player on the server!

Since This is a new server, we are still in progress building everything, and get all sorted! We need Your Help! If you do find and errors/Bug please report to a Staff!


Please Vote for AimCraft On these Pages!
If you are logged in to the server while voteing you will get 350$ Ingame!

Server Info:

Status : Online
Server ip :
Slots : 40

                                                                                                            Server ToDo list:
                                                                                    If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

                                       - Install prefixes
                                       - Install worldGuard
                                       - Add Donation system
                                       - Employ staff